Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Message from Inspired Sistah

“Tis the season to be jolly,” right? Well, maybe not. Many people this season are dealing with losses such as death or divorce. Many are dealing with financial losses and feelings of despair. For a lot of people, the Christmas season brings about feelings of depression. Some are sad because they are separated from their family or they’re alone this Christmas. Some mothers are panged by the hurt look in their children’s eyes when they tell them that there is no money for gifts. Others have been laid off from their jobs and they wonder how they will pay the mortgage next month. So, feeling jolly may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But, despite all of your apparent misfortunes, one thing I want to impress to you is that, even though you may not be feeling jolly, you can be joyful. You see, joy is an emotion that is not based on what you feel, but what you know. And what you can be assured of is that: Today is a new day of hope and possibilities. You have been given another opportunity to get it together. Yeah, based on what you see right now, it may be bleak, but as the old saying goes, “If you can look up, you can get up!” So work really hard to focus on all the wonderful things that are going right in your life. You may not have all the money you want or you may be without your spouse or your kids this season. You may even be without your home. But your eyes popped open this morning with a new day of promise before you. Now, that’s a miracle!

Rejoice in what you do have. Shut out the negative thoughts and negative influences. Know that troubles don’t last always and weeping only endures for a night. Joy is sure to come in the morning time. Be encouraged, today, and know that your latter days will be greater than your former days!

Merry Christmas!

Inspired Sistah

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Patch up the Leaks

Picture a beautiful vase; hand-crafted with intricate detail. You walk over to it and pick it up to examine the beautiful craftsmanship. Suddenly you notice that on the back of the vase is a huge crack running lengthwise. You also notice that it’s wet because the water has practically leaked out of it. Your perception of the vase will probably change. It may not seem as beautiful as it once did. Also, the value has dropped because it no longer does what it was originally intended to do…hold its contents. From a far, it looked good, but once you were able to further evaluate it, you realized that ‘everything that glitters ain’t gold!’

I use that analogy to describe the condition I think a lot of women are in. From the front or on the outside, they may look like they have it ‘goin’ on.’ Their hair is fly, their nails are done. They have the latest This or That on. They drive the newest whip. They have the job, the husband, the kids, the WHATEVER…but they’re leaking. When you have a conversation with them, you notice that their speech is laced with judgment and criticism. When you take a peek into their bank account, you notice that it is overdrawn and all of their credit cards are maxed out and over-due trying to maintain their ‘flyness.’ When you follow them home, you notice that their husband ignores them and their kids disrespect them and they stuff their pain with Haagen Daaz and romance novels. You notice that they’re leaking.

You know, the travesty isn’t that they’re leaking. The travesty is that they don’t know they’re leaking. When you bring some things to their attention, they become defensive and may turn around and attack you. They would prefer, instead, to maintain appearances rather than deal with the real. I understand that, all too well. I used to be like that. Because of my emotional pain, I would work really hard to keep the outside looking good. I made sure my hair and nails were done. I worked hard to attain all the “trappings” of success, but on the inside I was broken and hurting and desperate for a way out.

I admonish you, today, to do inventory before the year comes to a close and make a decision to lead a healed, whole, healthy life in 2010. Take off the fa├žade, get your finances together, get your family together and get YOURSELF together. You know where you’re coming up short. You know the ways you try to compensate for the pain. Make a decision TODAY to stop the madness and patch up the cracks. Because whether you think so or not, we all know you’re leaking, but it’s time for you to not only realize it, but make an appointment to get serviced.

Have a wonderful New Year!

Blessings to you,
Inspired Sistah